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English Sparkling Wine - Grand Marnier - Clementine Bitters - Sugar

Named after another artillery weapon, this old school style fizz is our rich and bittersweet approach to a French 75.


The Lankan

Ceylon Arrack - Passionfruit - Amalfi Lime Tonic - Bitters

A clean, tropical flavoured classic style Highball cocktail made with a spirit distilled from coconut flower sap.


Worley Fountain

Honey Vodka - Lillet Blanc - Violet Liqueur - Sparkling Wine

Based on an Art Deco era punch recipe, this floral punch fizz is fittingly served in a Coupe with a shard of ice.


Nom de Plume

English Berry Gin - Cocchi Americano Rosa - Berries - Soda

The delicately sweet and fresh flavours of seasonal British berries are the focus of this moorish highball.



Japanese Whisky - Grapefruit Bitters - Yuzu - Tonic

An easy-going highball which is both zesty and refreshing while also being emboldened with the nuanced flavours of Japanese Whisky.

Empress of Britain

Cognac - Pear - Earl Grey - Sparkling Wine

Designed to make a guest feel first class, this drink is aptly named after the most famous ocean liner of the Art-Deco era.



Whisky - Italicus - Dry Sherry - Grapefruit

Boozy, bold, and refined. This drink is a bianco style boulevardier enriched with the zestiness of bergamot, and the nuanced salinity of Manzanilla.


Ma’am est Malade

Dry Gin - Apricot Brandy - Cointreau - Lemon

A bold, yet delicate, sour enriched with the zestiness of fresh lemon and the tanginess of apricots.


Lady of Acton

Apple & Hibiscus Gin - Lillet Rouge - Strawberry Shrub - Sparkling Wine

A crisp, fruity, and complex glass of bubbles with an outstanding award winning gin at its heart.




French 75

Traditional Sparkling Wine - Old Tom Gin - Lemon - Sugar

Powerful, zesty, effervescent, fittingly named after a 75mm artillery gun


Classic Daiquiri

3 Year Old Rum - Lime - Cane Sugar

The affinity between Rum and Fresh Lime speaks for itself in this sour


Clover Club

Dry Gin - Lillet Blanc - Raspberries - Lemon - Bitters

An easy-going pre-prohibition sour that is fresh, zesty, and delicately fruity


Jungle Bird

3 Year Old Rum - Cocchi Americano Rosa - Pineapple - Lime

 A gorgeous tiki-style cocktail that is punchy, and mildly bittersweet


Espresso Martini

Treacle Vodka - Espresso - Coffee Amaro

A rich, and bittersweet 80s classic, made with our house Coffee Amaro


Old Fashioned

Whisky or Rum - Bitters - Sugar

A robust, boozy, and bold cocktail that dates back to the early 1800’s



London Dry Gin - Cocchi di Torino - Campari - Cynar

Rich, bitter-sweet, incredibly moorish, and a practically perfect apéritif

White Lady

Old Tom Gin - Cointreau - Lemon - Bitters

Queen of all sours and a huge part of Harry Craddock’s awesome legacy


Papa Doble

Rum - Lime - Grapefruit - Maraschino - Cane Sugar

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s preferred serve of a classic Daiquiri



Tequila Bianco - Grapefruit - Lime - Agave - Bitters - Soda

Zesty and refreshing, yet robust; aTequila Highball to top them all



Rye Whisky - Cognac - Peychaud’s Bitters - Absinthe

An old-fashion in style, this drink is the official Cocktail of New Orleans


Dry Martini

London Dry Gin - Noilly Prat - Lillet

An simple, yet elegant, classic perfect with an olive or lemon twist



Whisky - Cocchi di Torino - Bitters - Maraschino

Notes of cherries, oak, and sweet spices are the sum of this timeless digestif


Hanky Panky

London Dry Gin - Cocchi di Torino - Fernet Branca

Ada Colman’s famous digestif created for Sir Charles Hawtry in 1903